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My art...


What is your favoirte Marvel movie so far? 

2 deviants said comment below. :)



Madame Leota by Bella-Who-1
Madame Leota
She is from Disney Lands Haunted Mansion ride. I love it every time I pass her on the ride all her riddles and how cool she looks. :) Ive drawn her before but so far I think this one is the best by far I made of her. If I draw her again ill try to do the hair differently and maybe make it smoky like in the background too.

A Forgotten Light 2

Light into Dark

Part. 2

Chapter 14  

Things Can go Bump in the Night

Rin woke up to the feeling of a cold rag to her face. She opened her eyes to see Sakura tending to her. Sakura smiled and looked very relieved to see her friend awake.

"H-how are you feeling Rin?" she asked sounding a bit nerves.

"I think im okay. But how did I get in this bed? Are we still in this old Manson?" she asked her friend.

Sakura gave a sigh and said, " Norrick carried you in here, and yes we are still here...But I still don't want to be here anymore then you do I'm sure."

"I couldn't agree with you more." Rin said.

She looked around the room they where in. It must have been a guest room. There were two queen sized beds in the room. Night stands on either side of each bed. with lamps that were well lit. A big window that had a pail pink dusty color to them. A vanity with a huge mirror and a dresser on the other end.

Just then a knock came at the door it startled both Rin and Sakura as they jumped. Rin could feel her heart beating to fast to keep count. Sakura looked rather pail in the face. The door opened and in came Rebekah and Takako. Both holding a tray of food one for Rin and the other for Sakura.

"Oh good looks like your finally up Rin-chan." Stated Rebekah as she handed her the tray of food.

Takako gave Sakura her tray then asked them both. "Are you two alright. Its like you saw a ghost or something? Anyways eat up you need your strength for tomorrow if we wanna get out of here early."

"W-w-we are fine...It's just you guys startled us." Said a stuttering Sakura.

"Oooh I did not think this would ever happen but it looks like Sakura and Rin-chan are both scared of this place." Said a smirking Rebekah.

Just then a pillow hit Rebekah in the back of the head. "Ow! what was that for?" she said demanding to know.

Rin gave a glare to Rebekah and said, "Knock it off. So what if Sakura and I are jumpy. This place is creeper on the inside then the outside. And you should know better then to pick on us."

"Ok, ok sorry Rin-chan. I am sorry to you too Sakura. I wont do it again." she said as she put a hand on her friends shoulder.

"Thanks. I hope nothing else goes bump in the night though." replied Sakura.

"I would guess we will hear the storm but other than that. You dont have much to worry Sakura. And if anything did come at us you know id take it down with easy right." Said Takako. She looked out the window and saw how dark it was but could still see the rain hitting the glass.

Once the two of them were done eating Takako left it on the floor out side the room. She told the others they should get some rest before day brake. With only two beds and the 4 of them. Rebekah shared one with Takako and Rin shared the other with Sakura.


Just across the hall way in the guys room they where staring at the one bed in the whole room. There was a sofa and even an arm chair in the room. But only one bed. This was not going to go well at all for the four of them.

"What only one bed. And the girls get 2 in there room geesh!" said a grumpy Lee. Micky chimed in. "Oh aah!" "I know right pal it stinks to only have one bed and one room."

"Aw come on Lee its not so bad. If you think about it. There is still a sofa and chair." said John as he was trying to look on the bright side of things.

"I have to agree with John. For all you know we could be out there in that storm." said Norrick. As he pointed to the window.

"Well all I can say is im not sharing a bed with Lee or Micky." Said Riku with a in a blunt tone.

"Yeah well we would be better off without any of you in this room." Lee said as he put his hands to his hips.

Norrick was getting a bit tired of the teen boys fighting about the bed. Then an idea came to him. "Hey guys I know one way we can solve this." Norrick said.

"And what would that be?" Asked John.

"Rock paper scissors of course." Norrick said with a gleam in his eye.

"Oh why did I not think of that." Lee said snapping his finger.

Riku did a face palm and just shook his head. That it had to come down to this.

"Well are you guys in or not?" Norrick asked feeling a bit frustrated himself.

"Lets just get this over with." Riku said as he held out his hand. "And whoever gets the bed. None else better complain in the end."

"Alright ready men. On the count of three then." John said.


Back in the girls room. They were about to turn off the lights when they could hear arguing coming from the boys room. Takako looked the most displeased out of the 4 women. She stood up and stated walking to the door. The others fallowed not wanting to be without Takako.
She then banged hard on the door and said in an unpleasant voice. "If you guys don't keep it down ill use a sleeping spell on you all! Got it."

The door opened to revile Lee and Micky. "Ooh hey miss grumpy pants. These guys cant handle at how amazing I am at rock paper scissors  and winning at it too. They all lost and Micky and I got the bed."

"Mr Hino it's well past your bed time. And if you and that monkey don't get in that bed soon. There will be nothing left of it you hear me." said Takako. She was now feeling even angrier then before.

"Y-yes ma'am." said Lee as he shut the door and ran back inside.

"You sure handled that well Takako. Thank you now maybe we can all get some rest." Rin said.

"Dont mention it." Replied Takako as the girls all headed back into there room.


Once Lee and Micky were on the bed and under the covers. They looked at a very displeased John who was in the armed chair. And a somewhat comfy Norrick. But the worst of them all was a ticked off Riku. Who was lying on the floor. Lee felt kind of bad so he grabbed a pillow and handed it nicely to Riku. "Here Riku. It's not much but you can have this extra pillow." Lee said as he looked sorry about how he acted.

Riku took the pillow and said, "Thanks. But your still getting it when we get back to the ship."

Lee and Micky gulped at Riku's words. "Eh well goodnight everyone." Lee finally said as he pulled the blankets over him.

"Good night." said the others.

About an hour went by and the guys where all fast asleep. In the girls room Sakura was having a hard time falling asleep. She kept seeing the images from earlier that day play back in her mind. The tall dark room she was in. The round shape window. And lastly the bride holding something behind her back. Sakura was to scared to fall asleep. But she was indeed tired.

Just then she heard the thunder rumbling and a flash of lighting lit the dark stormy sky. For a moment Sakura thought she saw something at the window. She panicked for a moment but then calmed down not wanting to wake up her friends. She really did not know what to do in a place like this. So she turned to face Rin to see if she was fast asleep. Sadly she was. But then Sakura felt like something was watching her from the window. She did not dear to turn her eyes to it.

Sakura gathered enough courage to finally speak. "R-Rin...a-a-are you awake?" she said in a soft voice.

Rin turned to face Sakura. "Sort of. Whats wrong Sakura?" she asked in a sleepy voice.

"I-I feel like some...something is watching me from the window." Sakura said with a shiver in her voice.

Rin's senses kicked in and her eyes snapped open. Although it was dark another flash of lighting lit the room for a moment and Sakura saw Rin's eyes were not their normal lavender color but a bright blood red. She gasped as this was the first time for her seeing such a thing. Rin sat up and looked out the window. Sakura finally turned and saw what she feared she would see. It was a pare of red Nightmare eyes staring at her and Rin.

Rin got in a defensive stance leaning over Sakura as if she was protecting her friend from the dark monster. Sakura could not take it any longer she finally screamed at the top of her longs. "HELP US!" Was all she managed to say before Rin was at the window ready to brake it with her bare hands.

Takako and Rebekah got out of bed with a shock. "What's going on?" Rebekah said as she looked over to her friends bed.

Takako had her bow and an arrow ready to fire. "Rin get away from the window." Takako shouted at her.

She was not listening before anyone could stop her. She broke the window with her fist in a mighty punch and tried to grab the Nightmare. It gave out a cry as Rin was pulling it in. But she was stopped when a ray of light hit the Nightmare and nearly hit Rin's hand.

Rebekah hand her keyblade in hand and pointed at her friend. "Are you crazy Rin-chan? What do you think your doing trying to bring that thing in?" Rebekah said yelling.

Sakura managed to finally turn on a light and both Rebekah and Takako gasped as they saw Rin with her bright red blood eyes. "Don't yell at Rin." Sakura said with worry.

"She was trying to save us from the Nightmare." Sakura pleaded with her friends.

Just then the door came busting open and the guys came in weapons in hand. "What's going on in here. Is everyone alright?" John said as he had his gun blade ready. He looked at Rin who was by the broken window. He saw her hand was bleeding and then looked up at her face. His eyes grew wide from what he saw. "Rin what are you?" was all he could think to say.

"John don't point your gun blade at Rin!" Said Sakura as she stood in between her brother and her friend.

"Sakura get away from her now!" John said in a rough tone.

Norrick saw that Rin's eyes were indeed red. But why? Did she get bit by a Nightmare? No the same thing could not happen to her not like his own mother. He rushed to Rin's side and took her by the shoulders. The others were taken aback by this. Norrick stared at her eyes. She looked up to him with a sat expression on her face. Her eyes began to go back to the normal color they once were. She finally spoke. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I was only trying to protect Sakura from the Nightmare that was at the window. Im sorry..." she said as tears began to roll down her face.

Sakura broke the silence with giving Rin a hug and saying, "Thank you Rin. You did just fine. I believe you."

Rin gave in and hugged Sakura back. "I was so scared. I did not want to louse anyone else not like on the Estella. Not again, not ever again."  she said in a raspy voice.

After a few minutes of everyone calming down a bit. John finally said, "It looks like this place is infested with trouble. Will need to be on our guard."

"I have an idea." Riku said. "Lets just go to the fount door and get the heck out of here." 

The group agreed but little did they know it would not be that simple. 

Chapter end.

AFL 2 Part 2 chapter 14
Karin Sohma aka Rin, Norrick Walker (c) they belong to me.

Sakura B. Takako H,  Lee H, and Micky (c) :iconthejourneyoftheheart:

John Barrix (c) :iconjohn-the-enforcer:

Riku (c) KH/SE

Rebekah Masters (c) :iconrm-keyblade-mistress:

The Haunted Mansion all rights to Disney co.
Allen Walker Wip by Bella-Who-1
Allen Walker Wip
My (c) Allen Walker. aka Norricks older brother.

This is really the fist time I have drawn Allen. I made him look more serious looking. He is a Captain of his own ship, and has not been doing it for very long. But non the less, here he is. :)
Norrick Walker WIP by Bella-Who-1
Norrick Walker WIP
Here is Norrick Walker, he is my (c)

I had a fun time drawing him. :)

Character Interview


    1)      Use your OCs.

    2)      You can add in one other DA’s OCs. But ask them first.

    3)      You have to use more than one OC in here.

    4)      You can intervene with your characters.

    5)      Do not skip any questions that are given.

    6)      Don’t change any of the questions that are given.

    7)      You can ad in one question to ask your OC/s.  But you have to let the viewer know that.

    8)      If uploaded as a journal, tag 5 people

    9)      Have fun!


Let’s begin.



1. So who’s here today?
Rin: Hello, the names Karin Sohma but everyone just calls me Rin.:wave: 

Hasper: Hi nice to meet you. I am Hasper Stone.

Norrick: It's good to be here today. I am Norrick Walker.

Bellawho1: Glad to have you all here and welcome. :) (Smile) 

2. So what is your age?
Rin: I am 17 going on 18.

Hasper: I am 22 years old.

Norrick: I am also 22.

3. What is your height?
Rin: It seems I am the smallest in this group. But to answer your question I am 5 foot 4. But sometimes I wish I was a little taller.  Sweating a little... 

Hasper: I am 5 foot 6. *turns to Rin* It's alright Rin there is nothing wrong with being the height you are.
Rin: Thanks Hass-sissy. Hug 

Norrick: Well if you must know I am 6 foot overall.

4. When’s your birthday?
Rin: December 21st

Hasper: March 17th

Norrick: December 4th


1. What is your favorite color?
Rin: I love the color pink! Giggle It's always been a favorite of mine since I was little.

Hasper: I have always liked blues and purples. And I am not sick of the color blue just because my hair is that color. In case anyone was wondering. Unimpressed 

Norrick: Well...I think my shirt gives it away.
Hasper: Confused What do you mean Norrick?
Rin: O-oh I know. Because a lot of your shirts have the color green in them. :D (Big Grin) 
Norrick: Yep. So many shades of green is what I am a fan of.

2. Favorite food?
Rin: Oh man you just had to ask me that? There are to many to name. :D (Big Grin) Although I am not a big fan of ham.

Hasper: If I really had to choose I'd pick potato stew. It's one of my favorites from my home world that my mom would make all the time. :) (Smile) 

Norrick: My favorite has always been water melon Nod 

3. Favorite type of music? Song?
Rin: *Has a big grin on her face.* I love to listen to a bit of everything! But if I have to choose just one type I must pick lullaby's, they are so soothing for me to listen too. Because my mother used to sing them to me when I was a little tot. 

Hasper: The most I like to listen to is POP and Rock. Oh and a bit of Swing that always makes me want to dance.

Norrick: My favorite has to be classical music I grew up with it. And well...its just stuck to me ever since then. Blush 

4. Favorite animal?
Rin: :happybounce: O-oh that would be the fox squirrel. I have one as a pet too. Her name is Midori. Meow :3 And she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. 

Hasper: *Smiles at Rin.:) (Smile) * She does have a point about her pet. For me I don't really have a favorite one. I like to many to name. Love 

Norrick: Ah animals are great. I have always loved dogs. I guess I am a dog person? Nod 

5. Favorite season?
Rin: Spring and Autumn. I really like how the air is cool and crisp during those times of the year. 

Hapser: Winter because I always enjoyed the winter holidays with my family and friends. Ah and all the good memories we make over the years.

Norrick: I really love Winter too. The holidays are part of it but also the cold has a nice feel to it.  

6. Favorite holiday?

Rin:Currently...Valentines day. 
Hasper: I thought it was Christmas?
Rin: Uh that is now moved to number 2 on my holiday list. Blush 
Hasper: Oh I know why. Hehe Should I tell them?Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
Rin: NOOO!Nuu 
Hasper: Okay I was only kidding.
Norrick: UM? I am not going to ask right now.
Rin: Good! i-ill tell you later.

Hasper: Christmas of course.

Norrick: Yes Christmas is mine too.

7. Favorite book?
Rin: I really enjoy History books. And a good fairy tail is nice too.

Hasper: I must say Romance, and Action/Adventure books are one of my all time faves.

Norrick: Adventure books are a good way to pass the time.

8. Favorite hobbies?
Rin: Hmm? Reading is a must for me. Oh and cleaning and getting jobs done too.

Hasper: Practicing my magic is sort of a hobby. Oh and...*coughs* Keeping an eye on this little trouble maker.
Rin: Hey now. I am not that bad. :shifty: 

Norrick: Well reading is a hobby and so is practicing my fighting skills and keeping myself in top shape.

9. Favorite place?
Rin: I have a lot of places that I really like. Giggle 

Hasper: My home world and any place that has a beach and ocean setting. Heart 

Norrick: My home world and sailing out in the Ethirum. :D (Big Grin) 

10. Favorite plant?
Rin: I have two, first daises, and the second one is the water lily's.

Hasper: Roses.

Norrick: Mable trees, and pine trees.

11. Favorite game?
Rin: Hide and seek.

Hasper: tennis.

Norrick: Chest and checkers.

Now let’s get to the more serious questions.


1. How did you guys meet?
Rin: I met Hasper when she found me in my ball of light and woke me up. It was her pure good energy that had awoken me. Hug And I met Norrick on the beach of Tiki first sight. Blush And we have been dating since then.

Hasper: Like Rin said I woke her up, But you forgot the part where I found you in the canyon. I met Norrick the same day after she told me she liked him.

Norrick: As they both said. I met Rin on the beach. A-and yes it was love at first sight :blowkiss: revamp I love being with Rin every minute I am with her. And Hasper I met on the Barrix Honor. I am glad to be friends with her.

2. Do you have any bad memories? Name one.

Rin: Y-yeah I have a few to many I don't like to think about. But if I have to answer just one.... It would have to have been the time I lost my birth parents when they gave up their lives to save me. :sadface:
Norrick: *gives Rin a hug and kiss on the top of the head.* It's okay Rin.
Rin: Thank you Norrick. Sad Hug - Updated 

Hasper: I don't like this question but one bad memory that I had was when I lost my mother to an illness. Sad 
Rin: I am here for you Hass-sissy. *Gives Hasper a big hug.*Sad Hug - Updated Hasper: Thanks that means a lot.

Norrick: The only memory that was so heart breaking for me by far was when I lost my mother due to a Nightmare. :( (Sad) 
Rin and Hasper: *Both give Norrick a hug*

3. Any embarrassing memories? Name one.
Rin: Uh...I can't think of any at the moment.

Hasper: Well I sure can. There was one time Rin tired to scare our whole crew on the Estella but we all found out her plans and got back at her good. By giving her such a good scare she sore to never play a prank on someone like that ever again. :D (Big Grin) 
Rin: CURSE YOU! Oh Hasper why I will get you later.
Hasper.: yeah will see. :| (Blank Stare) 

Norrick: This one time my brother Allen told me I was adopted and I believed him for a whole day. Our mother got so angry and him. I was only 4 at the time so that is one reason why I fell for it. Sweating a little... 

4. Any moments that traumatized you?
Rin: One to many. I think I've fainted. 

Hasper: Same goes for me.

Norrick: Not to many. But I am not going to bring any up that did. :| (Blank Stare) 

5.  Do you have any good memories? Name one.

Rin: Metting both Hasper and Norrick. Heart 

Hasper: The day Rin asked me to be her big sister. Love 

Norrick: Meeting Rin. Heart 

6. When you were a kid, what was your favorite thing you like to sleep with at night?

Rin: My hallo locket and a old photo of my birth parents and me together. I am pretty sentimental.

Hasper: It used to be an old stuff cat. My dad has it now for safe keeping. Sweating a little... 

Norrick: An old stuff animal dog my mother had made for me. It's now at home kept safe behind a glass shelf.

7. What was your first job?

Rin: Being a body guard for the Estella crew.

Hasper: Being a messenger for my neighborhood and running letters back and forth for older people that had a hard time getting out.

Norrick: working on my fathers ship at the age of 14 as a cabin boy for 4 months in one of our travails.  


1. What is your relationship with your parents?

Rin: Well, my relationship with my birth parents was pretty good. I will always love them and miss them even though they are gone. :( (Sad) My foster parents Tom and Estel Moore. They took me in and treated me like the daughter they never had. I will always love and miss them too.

Hasper: My relationship was wonderful with my mother. Even after she became sick she would always sing to me and comfort me if I had a bad day. My father and I have gotten to know each other better as I have grown older. He would often have missions he would have to go on. Some times a few months at a time. But one thing I always enjoyed when he came home was the stories he would tell me.

Norrick: My relationship with my mom before she died was a great joy. I spent a lot of time with her when I was younger. But for my father, I'd have to say it was always harder to relate to him. He was more of no goofing around kind of guy. But we try to meed each other half way at times.

2. Do you have any siblings or anyone that was like a sibling to you? If so, what is your relationship with them?

Rin: I don't have any blood related siblings. But Hasper has always been like an older sister to me. :) (Smile) 

Hasper: I am also an only child at birth. But Rin has always been like a little sister to me.

Norrick: I have one older brother by 4 years, Allen is his name we used to be really close until our mom passed away. But we too have started to drift apart over the years.

3. Do you have any kids? Grandkids? If so, what is your relationship with them? If not, would you like to have any in the future?

Rin: Blush *blushes a little* I do not have any now of course. But maybe some day id like too.

Hasper: I do not have any. But I do love children. So maybe one day too ill have one or two? :) (Smile) 

Norrick: I don't have any kids. But the thought does sound nice for the future when I settle down.

4. Do you have any best friends? If so, how did you meet?

Rin: Let's see... There is Hasper of course, Sakura Barrix, and Rebekah Masters too. I explained how I met Hasper already. As for Sakura. It was on the Barrix Honor. And I first met Rebekah at Montreser Space Port. And lastly Heart Norrick Walker.

Hasper: Shes sitting right next to me. Karin Sohma of course. Nod 

Norrick: I have an old friend back on my home world. His name is Dave. We have known each other since we where about 3 or 4. I don't remember how we met. I guess on a play date? I can't for get Rin. :) (Smile) 

5. Have any other friends you like to mention?

Rin: Oh yes. There is Karin Rohdone shes another good friend of mine. Like a little sister to me. Giggle Lee Hino, and the rest of the crew and others I have met over the years.

Hasper: Id have to say the crew from the Estella ship. The Barrix Honor crew. And Norrick too.

Norrick: Many people who I have met on my travels over the years. 

6. Any rivals/enemies?
Rin: As somewhat of a rival at least some times would have to be Riku. Sakura's bf. Although its only when we argue. And those horrible Nightmares! They are one of my worst enemies ever!
Hasper: One of your worse? You have more that are just as evil? Rin: rather not talk about others who knows they could find out about this interview. Hasper: Good point.

Hasper: Id have to say the Nightmares as well.

Norrick: I agree the Nightmares are my enemy.


1. Are you herderalsexual, homosexual or bisexual?

Rin: I am hederalsexual. But that seems a bit odd to ask?

Hasper: I am also herderalsexual.

Norrick: I too am herderalsexual. I must agree with Rin. Why ask out of the blue?

2. Are you single?

Rin: No my boyfriend is right next to me.

Hasper: Yes I am single.

Norrick: No, I am not. Like Rin said we are dating.

3. Do you have any past crushes? If so, name one.

Rin: Nope I never had any past crushes. Not sure why? Shrug 

Hasper: I did once for a while with a Pop singer. But that was when I was 12 and you know they are such a huge hit and are like 10 years older then you.

Norrick: I think I did once too. But it was when I was about 5. Although I don't remember who the girl was. She was from a tv show and a bit older then me.

4. Do you have a crush on someone right now? If so, describe them.
Rin: Hes right here, hehe but im dating him so I guess it does not count.

Hasper: Not right now.

Norrick: Yep dating her.

5. What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Rin: Well of course its Norrick. But if I had to describe what I love about him it would be. Hes smart, kind, brave, strong, and makes me laugh.

Hasper: For me, I would love my romantic partner to be clever and witty, Strong and a he can be free spirited too. Also a really good cook.

Norrick: Since I have Rin, the best way to describe her is she has a big heart. She is kind for others and helps take care of them, she is also a very good worker which I like. She knows how to make me smile, and has a way with words. She is also very pretty and has a good memory.

6. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Rin: Holding hands and walking side by side. Going to a cafe or a nice restaurant to eat at is nice too. I also like if I were to receive flowers once in a while.

Hasper: I say stargazing on a clear night has a nice ring to it. Also maybe sharing a kiss or telling stories by a fireplace.

Norrick: Going on a nice long walk and holding hands. It could either be a nice city scape or by the sea. Seeing a movie out doors would be fun too. 

7. Are you a virgin?

Rin: Blush emoticon Yes I am.

Hasper: Excited Blush Wow that's a bit much to ask but yes I am ok.

Norrick: blush The answer is yes if you really had to know.

8. How do you feel about sex?

Rin: Rose blush be honest I have not given it much thought. But I guess when I am ready some day.

Hasper: Marry Kozakura (Total Blush) [V9] This is getting a bit personal. But if you really want me to answer I am waiting until my wedding night.

Norrick: Bear Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] when I am ready is all im going to say.

9. Do you have any turn-ons? Turn-offs?

Rin: I am not sure if I do or not. Sorry that I cannot really answer.

Hasper: My turn-off is this question. And as for any turn-ons you will never know that.

Norrick: Im going to say I don't have any as of right not of either. Blush

10. In the bed, are you dominate or submissive?

Rin: Haruka Nanami (Shy and Blush) [V2] That is to soon for me to even know the answer too!!!

Hasper: What kind of question is that to ask?! And my sister is under age right now too! Fine ill answer this damn question. Yes I can be both. Hows that then huh. OMG SO ANGERY emote 

Norrick: I guess I could be dominate but...

Hasper: Don't answer them Rin's Temper (2) !!!

Norrick: :scared: yes ma'am.....Run Away 


1. Are you religious, spiritual, both or neither?  How important are these in your life?

Rin: I have always been somewhat spiritual.

Hasper: I am a bit of both. But I don't really practice it like crazy.

Norrick: I guess I am a bit of both too.

2. Do you have any moral codes you follow? How did it began?

Rin: Not really I kind of just go with the flow of things. As long as no harm comes to anyone.

Hasper: Nope, none.

Norrick: Somewhat if its an order but only if its not going to harm anyone.

3. What if someone’s beliefs that are different from yours? How do you deal with it?

Rin: I let them believe in whatever it may be as long as its not evil or going to harm or kill anyone. If so then I fight them off for example the Nightmares.

Hasper: I strongly agree with Rin on that one.

Norrick: Same goes for me. Nod 

4. Do you have any prejudices (bad or good)?  Have any reason for it?

Rin: Nope.

Hasper: Well I'am against something like someone taking over the world then yes that is my prejudices way of thinking good or bad.

Norrick: Id have to say the same thing Hasper says.


1. Are you rich, poor, or somewhere in between?

Rin: I guess somewhere in the middle but it can go up and down too.

Hasper: I am in between for sure.

Norrick: I guess rich? But only because of my father's status and him giving the best he could even after my mother passes away.

2. How do you normally spend your money?

Rin: Very carefully. But some times ill spend a little more then I should.

Hasper: Your looking at a shopaholic over here. Sweating a little... 

Norrick: I try to be careful with my spending.

3. Where did you live in the past and where do you live now?

Rin: Well I have never really had a home world I could call my own. Or if so not very long. I have been traveling for a long time now. But right now I am on The Silver Knight with Norrick and the rest of the crew including his brother.

Hasper: Well my home world I lived on until my mother passed away was called Newport. And after that I have been traveling around a lot too.

Norrick: My home world is Terra but the past year I have been traveling with my brother and the crew. And Rin has joined the group too.

4. Do you live with anyone right now?

Rin: I live with Norrick, his older brother Allen who's the Captain of the ship and the rest of the crew. :D (Big Grin) 

Hasper: I am living with my father right now. :) (Smile) 

Norrick: I live with Rin, my brother and the rest of the crew. I am a dummy! 

5. What is your occupation?  If you have one, what is it?

Rin: Well right now I do not have one. I just live freely on The Silver Knight.

Hasper: I do not work right now either you could say im taking a brake. Sweating a little... 

Norrick: I am First Mate on The Silver Knight.

6. Do you enjoy it or do you hate it?

Rin: I don't mind having more free time on my hands.

Hasper: Its not that great right now. :( (Sad) 

Norrick: I enjoy what I do very much. Nod 

7. What is your daily routine?
Rin: It depends whats going on. Like if im on a world or not or out in the Ethuriem.

Hasper: A lot of sleeping.

Norrick: Taking orders and giving orders too.

8. Do you like it, content with it or dislike it?
Rin: I like it and its content most of the time.

Hasper: Not too sure right now.

Norrick: I enjoy it being content and what not.


1. If there’s any place you would like to go, where would it be?

Rin: Id really love to go see the old Scottish Highlands again and see some old friends. :happybounce: 

Hasper: Id love to go and explore the Old West. :excited: 

Norrick: Its been a long time but id love to see the Magic Kingdom again. :bounceforjoy: 

2. How would you react if met your favorite celebrity?

Rin: If I could meet them id die of happiness. :love: 

Hasper: I think I would faintI think I've fainted. 

Norrick: Oh I know I would want a pic with them and would be so geeking out. La la la la 

Last question

1. Any last words for the audience before you go?

Rin: Thank you all for having us. This was a very long show indeed. But I am glad to have part take in it. Hug 

Hasper: This was fun and interesting to give a go at. Take care everyone. Meow :3 

Norrick: Thanks for letting us come on. It was indeed fun to try out. :) (Smile) 


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I tag anyone who wants to give this a try.


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United States
Name: Kendall

Left handed

The photo I used was when my brother was 2 and I was 12. :)

Born and raised in California.

I love drawing and as a dream kind of job for myself would really love to be an Illustrator for children's books.

I have family all over the U.S.A :) My mom's side lives mostly all in the same state as my family and I. As for my dads to many cousins and other family members to count. They live in many places. So I don't seem everyone all that often. But when I do we are all just way to chill and have good times together.

Been with my bf for just a little over 3 years now. :heart: And could not ask for a better guy.
I love my friends that I have known forever and the ones on DA that I am close to, too. We all have our ups and downs but they really are all the best in the world in my eyes.
I am very thankful for the people in my life and don't know what I would do without them some times.

I love the animals I have had as a kid. And miss them all. My current pets are my cat Squishy, she goes by that name 99% of the time (real name Noel) got her right after the Holidays when I was 13. She is a calico I am not sure what kind of breed she is? A mix for sure. And yes calico is not a breed its when cats have black, white, and orange-ish fur on their bodies. :) She is a really big sweet heart. But can be a brat from time to time. She is also really weird...she will go to a plastic bag and start licking it! :O she wont eat it. Which is good, I don't need her doing that. She will also not even go after a lazier being pointed around. :/ What kind of cat does not like chasing lazier's?
Then there is my dog Riley aka Riley bear. Hes part Newfoundland and German-Shepard mix. Hes a big shaggy black dog. And looks like a bear in the winter hehe. :D He is a big goofball and a real people person. And hates being left alone. :( Hes going to be 12 this year that is old for a big 100 lb dog right? So hes doing pretty well. I just can't take him on walks anymore because of his hips hurting him. Though a nice long back yard to run up and down.
That's about all I got for now. :)

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