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My art...


About my new user name. 

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A Forgotten Light 2

Light into Dark

Part. 1

Chapter. 5

The Clan of Dunbroch

Page. 1

It was the next day. The skies were clear and sunny. "Sunny skies?" Thought Rin. She opened the window porthole to look out side. What she saw was an amazing site! The land scape she saw in the distance was breath taking. She saw the rocky cliff sides and the ocean waters clashing up against the mighty rocks. As the ship continued to sail on. Rin thought she saw something among the rocks. She squinted her eyes to try to get a better look. From what she could tell was it looked like a silvery colored figure. But as the ship kept moving away from the cliff side the harder it was to make out what she saw.

Just then a knock came on her cabin door. She rushed over to open it, Norrick was standing there holding something in his arms.

"Ah good your up. I have something for you." He said as he handed Rin some clothing.

"Clothes? I need to change now?" Asked Rin looking a bit confused.

Norrick than explained to Rin that the whole crew was to change to hide their true identity. "It would be bad if people of this world knew that we are not from here. Even the ship has a coding program to make it look just like the ships built in this era."

Rin nodded her head, "Okay ill get changed and come up at once." She gave Norrick a smile and then said, "And thank you for bringing me these."

"K-know worries." Said Norrick, "Well then ill take my leave I have to get ready as well."

Rin put the outfit on she then looked down and saw it was a pretty shade of burgundy red. The dress was long and floor length, the sleeves were the full length oh her arms. She then grabbed the other piece of clothing. It was a long dark grey hooded cloak. The disguise Norrick gave Rin even had leather boots she could use. Rin then thought about how she would do her hair. "This is the early 10th century...So I suppose my hair being in a braid would be alright."

Rin was ready to go and was about to head up to the main deck when Midori jumped on Rin's shoulder. "Midori!" cried Rin. "I don't think you can come with me this time Midori. I mean we are not on the Barrix Honor any more. The rules might be different." She held up her fox squirrel with both hands. Midori gave Rin a glare and a low moan of annoyances. "Aww okay, okay its not like this has stopped us before. But you have to stay out of site around our group." Midori began to purr with happiness. Rin tucked her in the cloak. Were it had a secret pocket that her pet could hide in. Once Midori was safely inside it Rin left her room.

Page. 2

The fresh air smelled great once on deck. It was also a site to the North Sea out in the distance's. Rin saw Captain Allen and Norrick dressed in what looked like role clothing from a Mediterranean country. They resembled that of a toga but the robes were long. And over the men shoulders was the same kind of cloak Rin had on. Once she was close enough for them to see her. Captain Allen called out to her.

"Karin come and join us. I want to explain the plans to you." Said Allen as he met Rin half way.

"What is the plan? I am really excited to know." Rin had a big smile and her eyes gleamed with life.

"Well brother don't keep her in the dark. Id like to know the how this idea will work too. I don't know how good Rin can act like a princess?" said Norrick as he gave Rin a cheeky smile.

"W-wait I have to play the role of a princess?" she asked looking baffled.

"Yes your role in this plan is to play a princess. Now let me explain please." Said Allen, "Once we set ashore in the shallows. The 3 of us and a few of my strongest men will come along. The reason why I had picked you to play a princess and for us to be your royal court some what. Is because there is a kingdom here in this part of the Highlands. And we as a group will go to them and ask them if they are aware of a type of rare magic that our crew is in search for."

"What kind of rare magic is this?" asked Rin.

"That I am not sure of myself either Karin. I have an idea of what to look for in clues more or less. But I do not have the answer I need just yet." Explained Allen.

"LAND AHEAD CAPTAIN!" shouted one of the crew members.

"Alright then lets get to this." Said Norrick. As he and Allen went to take charge in giving commands for the ship.
Once in the shallows Rin, Norrick, Aleen and 4 other crew members took a long skiff and rowed to shore.

"Allow me your grace." said Norrick as he picked Rin up princess style.

Rin began to blush a bright shade of pink. She pulled the hood over her face feeling such embarrassment. Butterfly's were in her stomach and her heart raced a bit more then it should have. After she was put down on the sandy shore. Rin looked over to Norrick and the others. They were putting in contacts to hide there split colored eyes. She gassed upon Norrick who now had solid blue eyes.

Page. 3

"You look nice with blue colored eyes." said Rin she gave Norrick a glance.

He saw that she was blushing under the hood, "Thank you." he said.

"Alright everyone, listen up. I am going to head up that road over there that leads to entrance to this kingdom. I will be back before sundown. So for now you are ordered to stay here. Wish me luck." Said Allen. With that he left.

A few hours went by, when the sun was just above the group. Rin's stomach was getting to the best of her. "Um do you think we can have lunch soon?" she asked.

"Ah that would be a good idea Lady Karin. Except we did not bring much for a huge meal. Did you miss out on breakfast?" asked on of the guards.

"Yes...I woke up a bit late." said Rin. Just then her stomach made a big growling sound.

Everyone including Norrick gave a light chuckle. "I can see if there is anything in the skiff for you Rin." replied Norrick. Feeling bad that his girlfriend had nothing to eat all day.

"No, no its alright ill just wait until we get to the kingdom." said Rin as she shook her head side to side.

"Why would you wait? asked another guard.

Rin pointed toward the path, Allen was heading back this way. And not to far behind him were men in kilts fallowing him. Allen came back just in time. Rin could not wait to eat something later on. It had better be soon other wise she would start to feel ill. The group of men that came with him all looked to be like guards themselves from the kingdom. And with them was a rather large tall man with red curly hair and had red facial hair. He looked to be the biggest and strongest out of the group of 3 guards that was with him. Rin also noticed he had a page left leg. But he still seemed to walk just fine.

"You're grace this is King Fergus, and ruler of the Dunbroch clan. He has come to greet our party himself in person." said Allen as he gave a bow to Rin then to the King Fergus.

"My lady it is an honor to meet you and your party. I am the leader of my clan but you all can just call me Fergus." he had a thick gruff Scottish voice but he came off to be a friendly man. 

Rin took her hood down to revile her face. The Dunbroch group was surprised to see such a fair young lady.

She cleared her throat to speak and gave a curtsy to King Fergus. "Thank you, you're majesty. I am Princess Karin. My party and I have travailed far to reach this great land and kingdom you rule over. We are in your care."

Fergus gave a warm smile. He raised his right arm in the air and said in a load voice. "Then it is settled. I am happy to say these words. You  who are all here are welcomed into my kingdom and home. Ah and you came at a good time too you see." He gave a little wink then continued, "It is my wife's birthday tomorrow and we will be celebrating in her honor. I am sure she and the rest of my family will be thrilled to have guest." Fergus then gave a Hooraa and everyone else hooraaed after him.

Chapter End.       
AFL 2 Prat 1 Chapter 5
I finally got chapter 5 completed. It took some time well then again I did not have a lot of time to work on it either.

Karin Sohma aka Rin, Norrick Walker, Allen Walker (c) are all mine

All Disney (c) belong to the Disney co.

Not sure when the next chapter will be out. But I hope to work on it soon. :) 
Watching the Sunset by Bella-Who-1
Watching the Sunset
And I used this stock image it was very helpful.  stock 86 by DragonAngelStock And all rights to this stock belong to :icondragonangelstock: Go and check out there gallery.

This is the first time I have made a sunset like this. I really how the whole thing came out color, shadow, and lighting. Just everything. La la la la Oh and this is my AU version of my (c) Karin Sohma aka Rin. From my fic I am still in the early stages of making called The Fire Mage.
And oh my what is this? I used the color pink in the sky! :o (Eek) Yeah one friend of mine has this pretty pink da art. And someone we know ends up saying the pink bothers them. Well oopsy me for using a bit of pink too. Yeah I get it may be a joke to them but its not fun, or a good idea to say to someone you watch or know on da. It's rude especially when no one talks about there art work in a negative way. Disbelief Sorry but I needed to rant about this other wise it would still bug me. :shakefistrevamped:  This is just how I feel about what went on the other day. Okay done ranting for now.
Will you go out with me? by Bella-Who-1
Will you go out with me?
Lol So this is Karin aka Rin's mom and dad when they where both about 16 years old. Riyako was not fond of Shou in the beginning. And of course it was not that way for him. He was crazy for her. Love at first sight for him. So what does he do to get her to go out with him. Trick her of course. mwahah Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. But over all I think she secretly had liked him too. Blush Riyako is just shy at times. And also very stubern . Well hope the little comic is alright. Meow :3 
I feel like a bit of an update on whats going on with me. Meow :3

As of right now I cannot use my tablet for digital drawings. I have to get it set up still on the new computer I have. So I am not sure when ill be uploading new digital drawings. I am going to say not for a while. But I hope to get finish a drawing I posted as a WIP on here will be colored today. :) (Smile) As for other day to day stuff. Everything is going alright.

That's all for now. ~Bella~
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Name: Kendall

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The photo I used was when my brother was 2 and I was 12. :)

Things that I enjoy in life: Spending time with the people who are important in my life. Like my family, boyfriend, and friends. And I see my friends and others I know like family. I love drawing and working on crocheting and a few other arts and crafts. I also enjoy my pets which are my cat nicknamed Squishy and not long ago my boyfriend has started calling her "The SquishyOne" named after The Spoony One aka Spoony. He is an on line reviewer and is pretty funny for what he does. :)
And my other pet is my dog Riley. Although I call him Riley Bear. Because he is such a big dog and has a lot of fur being part Newfuondland and all. But hes a big goof ball too. And a real sweet heart.

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